Chamber Of Commerce Criticizes National Assembly For Giving Nod To 35 Days Paid Annual Leave In Pvt Sector
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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee has criticized the National Assembly for giving a nod in its first deliberation to amend Articles 51 and 70 of the Labor Law No. 6/2010 to grant 35 days annual paid leave for employees in the private sector, reports Al-Rai daily. 
The committee pointed out that the step was taken in return for not counting the holidays and the rest of the week, in view of the fears raised by the amendment in the calculation of end of service benefits, and the damage that may affect employers as a result of the amendment, noting that it approved the increase of the annual leave paid only.

The amendment, which was approved by the Parliament in its first discussion on the previous proposal, would lead to the same result, namely, annual leave of the paid worker of up to 40 days (35 days leave not including public holidays).

These policies should be within the framework of the general concept of support for national labor, without the effects of unwarranted generosity on non-national workers, which account for about 90 percent in private sector, which enjoy full rights of work in a framework of justice and respect and commitment, as established by relevant international conventions and organizations.

The sources stressed that if the SMEs that are currently being established through the initiators are legally bound to hire Kuwaiti workers, they will be the most affected by the increase in the cost of the labor component, which is contrary to the vision of the state while everyone is keen to support and encourage these projects.

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