Cleric Calls Arab Tribe, People To Raise KD 10 Mln Blood Money To Spare Killer
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A call has been issued by cleric Khaled Rifai Al-Fahimah to the ‘sons of Kuwait in general and the Al-Awazem tribe in particular, to raise KD 10 million blood money to the family of media woman Hedayat Al-Sultan who was killed by Khaled Naaqa Al-Azmi in 2000 and has been sentenced to life in prison, reports Al- Rai daily.

It has been reported the convict has already spent 19 years in prison and if the money is paid to the family of the victim he can be set free, if not he has to spend another 15 years behind bars.

The KD 10 million is to be paid in exchange for an attempt to persuade the heirs of the victim to waive period of his life in prison. It is known that Naaqa can be released if he receives a waiver from the heirs of the late woman. He explained that “communication is underway with the charity committees to facilitate the collection of blood money, according to the controls of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in this regard, hoping to collect the money after taking the official approval in the month of Ramadan”.

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