Climate Changes Behind Weather Fluctuations, Heavy Rains In Kuwait
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Two environmental experts have attributed the weather fl uctuations and the heavy rains in Kuwait in recent days to the climate changes observed and recorded in different countries of the world during the past years.

Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti Society for the Protection of the Environment Janan Behzad said in a press statement on Saturday that there is a need to study the fluctuations of heavy rainfall to know the damage to urban areas, as an experiment finally showed a lot of gaps resulting from the lack of integration of applied science with the engineering of building cities and streets and the lack of awareness of climate changes and spatial distributions for rain in the country.

Behzad added that the history of rainfall is comprehensive and detailed and includes measurements of traditional lands and drains and their collection. Therefore, new climatic characteristics and modeling of the future can be described and analyzed through predictions based on recent events of variation in precipitation. This would measure the sensitivity of the country to receiving rainfall with temperature fluctuations and the natural El Nino phenomenon of the seas, oceans and live species to better understand the weather events responsible for climate formation in the region.

She said that the researches in Kuwait have provided many studies of the spatial and seasonal variables and annual rainfall in the country, which begins with the winter to spring from November to April known as the (Sarayat) season.

The annual amount of rainfall in the country is estimated at 110-190 mm per year. The weather is dry for most of the year. Rain rates are limited and vary in rainfall throughout Kuwait, she added.

Behzad pointed out that the minimum amount of rain that hit Kuwait in the past was 30 millimeters in 1960 and the maximum recorded was 300 millimeters, as in 1954 and 1872 (Rajabia) rains and in 1934 Kuwait was lashed by the so-called ‘Haddama’ (destructive) that affected more than 18,000 people, noting that heavy rainfall was repeated in 1997 when it recorded more than 65 mm in a short time.

The Secretary General said that rainwater is collected in residential areas in the rainwater networks drainage systems, an advanced system and then unloaded directly in the Arabian Gulf. For his part, head of the Department of Climate Monitoring Change in the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sherif Al-Khayat, said that research studies have shown that there is a close correlation between global warming in the atmosphere and what is causing a change in the global climate with the change in patterns and quantities of rainfall to most of the world.

Al-Khayyat added that changes in the atmosphere have become increasingly rapid because of the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases, which has affected and will affect in the future the most important characteristics of the water cycle in the atmosphere, including the evaporation and condensation rate of the sea and ocean waters and the paths of clouds and the impact of the high and low pressures, sometimes causing heavy rains in some areas and dehydration elsewhere. Kuwait is not immune to these changes. “What we are witnessing today in unprecedented temperature rise, change in seasons, and the intensity and frequency of dust storms and extreme rainfall are definitive evidence of serious changes in the atmosphere,” he said.



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