Court Acquitted Duo Of Having Sex With A Minor Girl
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The Court of Appeals cancelled the verdict issued by the Criminal Court which sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen and a Bedoun man to five-year imprisonment for having sex with a minor. The court instead acquitted them. According to the case file, the Public Prosecution accused the Kuwaiti citizen of having sex with the 15-year-old girl despite knowing that she is a minor and has not reached 21 years of age.

It accused the Bedoun man of kissing and touching the girl inappropriately. When questioned, the girl said she met the citizen through social media and he came to her house one day when he knew that she was alone except for the housemaids. He brought a carpenter with him to break down the door and he forced her to go out with him. He then had sex with her for three days inside a flat.

Later, the Bedoun man came to the flat and kissed and touched her inappropriately. During the court session, both suspects denied the allegations.

The defense counsel of the citizen Lawyer Mohammad Al- Mutairi insisted that the incident does not sound logical and there are no evidences to prove it. He explained that the medical report indicates that traces of semen found on the clothes of the girl do not belong to his client, adding that there are no evidences for the statement of the in-charge officer. Before the court session ended, the court said it is not convinced by the statement of the officer who said the two defendants had verbally confessed to disgracing the girl. It stated that the medical report does not contain any evidences against the two defendants.



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