CSC Has Not Taken Any New Decisions Regarding The Process For Replacement Of Expat Employees
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Civil Service Commission (CSC) has not taken any new decisions regarding the process for replacement of expatriate employees in the public sector with Kuwaiti citizens.

They indicated that replacing expatriate employees of certain governmental positions is very hard at the current time, affirming that the situation will remain until a decision to taken to determine the process.

The sources said CSC has given governmental authorities the right to retain some expatriate employees, revealing that there are 17,000 citizens who are waiting for a job.

CSC will soon launch a new “self-service” project in all ministries and state institutions. The project aims at offering an automated service to state employees for issuance of salary certificates and “whom it may concern” certificates. It will help employees obtain the certificates automatically through booths in the ministries for carrying out necessary transactions.

The certificates will be officially accredited to be used in official transactions based on the requirement of the employee. According to a source, CSC has chosen Ministry of Health as the first state institution to apply the new project.

Intensive meetings will be held between the two parties to coordinate on the mechanism for applying the project after which it will be implemented in all governmental authorities.



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