Current mechanism encourages employers to exploit employees
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Current mechanism encourages employers to exploit employees

Social Work Society is concerned about the negative effects of absconding cases fi led against expatriate personnel in general and domestic workers in particular. In a recent statement, the society said the current mechanism set for reporting absconding expatriate workers gives an edge to employers over employees. The statement added the mechanism rather encourages employers to exploit their employees, as the latter’s situation remains weak creating an avenue for human traffi cking, which contradicts the spirit behind human traffi cking protocols signed by Kuwait basically to clampdown on such activities, and to protect women and children

It reminded that Kuwait is signatory to the United Nations agreement against organized crimes and has enacted law number 91/2013 to combat human traffi cking, smuggling of immigrants, and gone a step further to establish agencies such as Public Moral Protection and Anti Human Traffi cking Department for that purpose.

The society urges government to transform human rights into reality to serve victims by ensuring their rights are not merely given on paper without action. It reiterated some employers can exploit the mechanism to deny the right of workers to certain benefi ts and deport them whenever they demand their rights.

It urged the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid Al- Jarrah Al-Sabah to intervene and ensure issues are dealt with in an appropriate manner to deter employers from abusing rights. It also called on the Minister of Interior to protect innocent and law abiding employees who are punished in most cases, and requested the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor to review the mechanism of reporting absconding cases to deter employers from fi ling malicious complaints. It also urged the Media to support human rights above all considerations.



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