DAESH Spreads Poison Through Online Games , Among 1.2 Billion Users Of Ages Between 13 And 15 Years
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After posting videos on social media of slaughtering, torturing and burning people to death with the aim of distorting the image of Islam and Muslims, the terrorist organization DAESH has now infiltrated the world of video and online games to spread its poison among 1.2 billion users of ages between 13 and 15 years.

In one such online game of DAESH, a despicable dialogue between a child and his mother takes place after which some people enter the scene and ask the child to kill his mother, father or any other relative in order to gain access to Paradise. The Arab and foreign media have been broadcasting and publishing reports lately about how DAESH has hacked into the world of video and online games with the aim of recruiting adolescents and children into the organization.

In this regard, Secretary of Higher Committee for Religious Moderation at Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr Abdullah Al-Shraika urged all concerned official and non-governmental authorities to intensify their efforts in preventing such ideologies based on extremism and terrorism from spreading to the youth of the society.



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