Decision To Cut Expat Teachers Housing Grant
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Ministry of Education will save KD 21,941.280 million per year through the decision enforced by Civil Service Commission (CSC) to reduce the housing allowance of expatriate teachers, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Informed educational sources explained that the ministry has saved KD 10,970,640 since the decision was enforced in October 2016, amid recent rumors circulated among expatriate teachers alleging the ministry is saving the deducted sum to pay deserved female expatriate teachers housing allowance of KD 60 retroactively from April 2011.

They pointed out that payment of housing allowances with retroactive effect from 2011 will cost the ministry KD 36,986,400, and the sector will be able to save the sum required for the project within 3 years through the pockets of expatriate teachers. Meanwhile, Ministry of Education Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athari is of the view that diversified learning approach in the secondary education requires necessary infrastructure and it’s important to prepare the mindset of teachers to fulfill the needs of students, keeping in mind the proposed approaches, reports Al-Nahar daily.

Dr Al-Athari added that competent teachers should be available to prepare students, besides the availability of teachers who specialize in fields the ministry lacks. He emphasized the need for coordination between colleges that produce teachers to ensure they train them adequately to teach new subjects. He declared approval of new methods for learning requires exhaustive study, and the right atmosphere must be made available for its application. He revealed the ministry has agreed with Palestinian Ministry of Education to interview applicants to be recruited for teaching jobs in Kuwait at the initial stage.

This will be followed by an interview to be conducted by members of Foreign Contract Committee, which is likely to fall on the third week in April, if everything goes well. He specified the ministry will recruit male teachers for mathematics and various segments of science subjects. He also said female teachers will be recruited for mathematics and physics, and their certificates should be recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. He declared the problem the ministry faces is not about retirement of staff in the supervisory cadres, because the ministry has enough competent hands to fill vacancies. He reiterated many people want to prove their competency too.



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