Detonators Down Asian Air Safari
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Heat intensified inside the elite group when the third up to sixth position scrambled in the eight-week elimination round of the PBAK-2018 Friendship Cup Team Tourney held in Cozmo Entertainment Khaifan Branch Bowling Center. Haribon Slazers and Cozmo Bowling Team ascend while Asian Air Safari and Al Qassem All Stars descend.

There were no changes in the ranking of the teams outside the ‘magic 6’. Teams that posted victory were Ebonites, Pongky Strikers, Cozmo, Al Qassem All Stars, Detonators and Haribon Slazers. The clash of the Titans, the Detonators outclassed the reigning champions Asian Air Safari 3,019 -2,973 thus thwarting their fifth winning streak while continuing their seventh spree of victory. Special prize (50% a week lane fee) also won for maintaining the top post for seven consecutive weeks.

The Detonators showed their championship mettle routing the Asian Air in their first and second game 1,050-1,008, 1,049- 892 but collapsed in the third game 1,048-865. Saleh Salem Khaled and Abdul Wahab Al Shatti of Detonators scored 617 points each while Ali Ashkanani and Omer Sagran registered 571 and 509 points respectively while Mohammed Salem contributed 477 points. In Asian Air Safari side Salem Hajras finished with 658 points supported by Aseel Al Roumi (594), Basil Al Enezi (590), Sonia Mathews (528) and Aqeel Al Farisy (407).

Haribon Slazers continued their winning streak for the fifth week while “X” Strikers’ dream to catch the last seat became remote when the deficit widened between them and the holder of the six spot. Second class Moises Amahan exploded 257 points alone in a devastating spurt of scoring in the second game followed by 222 points in the third game that took the game away from the “X” Strikers after the final count 3,054-2,827.

Moises Amahan powered the mettlesome Haribon Slazers with his 639 points to surge in a safer place assisted by Rene Marzan (510), Eddie Pena (497), Joel Tizon (306), Mar Evangelista (301) and Eden Evangelista (255) while “X” Strikers keglers were Rocky Castil (501), Bima Nitikusumo (464), Joe Presenta (323), Cris Carungay (294), Abel Nitikusumo (283), Benyamin Hasan (128), Imelda Daguio (119) and Reygan Percy (108).

Cozmo Lane Specialists pulled off 2,994-2,783 upset over NUSANTARA in an intense game to emerge as fifth rank on Friday. The Specialists unleashed a fiery three games to notch their sixth win against two losses while NUSANTARA fell to 1-7. Alex Cervantes (554) fired a game high 554 points assisted by Neng Cervantes (468), Lito Michael (411), Noe Mahayag (382), Ely Ebrada (311) and Bader Malalah (310) while NUSANTARA have Gantosori Tanjung (494), Erlisa Gantosori (474), Saleh Al Faraj (452), Naser (309).

Ahmad Fahmi (303), Razak Abdullah (155) and Abdul Rahman (130). Pongky Strikers registered their first win over the tail-enders Angelfire 2,528-2,322 and their bowlers were Fatima Fernandes (405), Adolfo Prena (384) and Cathy Fernandes (331) while Angelfire had Melvin (362), Leila Cervantes (337) and Jocelyn Barros (315).

Finally, Al Qassem All Stars won the game against Pin Pals 2,790-2,690 but not enough to keep the fifth spot and were left hanging from the last seat of the Top 6. Patriarch Fadel Al Qassem (599) powered his team to the win supported by Neveen Wasel (464), Hanadi Mezail (453).

Farid Gabriel (324), Naji Al Houli (304) and Hassan Al Qassem (265) while Pin Pals were Stephen Sequiera (448), Raj Reddy (407), Diego Camilo (317), Allan Fernandes (289), Ignastius Fernandes (263), Agnello Fernandes (250) and Neeta Fernandes (86). Ebonite kept the second spot after beating the Swooping Eagles 3,095-2,701 and snatched the Team Weekly High Series. Prolific scorer Yakoub Al Shatti who scored 243, 214, 215 (672) piloted his team for the victory and was assisted by Ayad Al Amiri (550), Mohammad Karam (532), Ayoub Al Shatti (484), Ali Jawli (346) and Ali Al Qattan (132) while Swooping Eagles bowlers were Alonzo Bush (481), Jessica Balagat (469), Mona Corpuz (442) and Riz Roque (401).



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