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How to obtain a driving license

To obtain a driving license first you have to get a learners license then pass the test

Issuing a Leaner License (New Application)

1.   Fill in the proper Form.

  1. The original Passport or Civil-ID including a photocopy.
  2. The Enlistment Permit (For Kuwaitis).
  3. 4 (4x6) Photos.
  4. Blood type and a Medical Checkup.
  5. The work permit including a photocopy.

All these to be submitted at the License Section for registration for the driving test, along with stamped application form. Then visit the driving test center at the governorate’s traffic department and fix a date for driving test by paying a minimal amount as booking fee.


Where should I go for applying Driving License in Kuwait?

     You have to visit traffic department of the governorate mentioned in your Civil ID

Capital Governorate

Hawally Governorate

Farwaniya Governorate

Ahmadi Governorate

Jahra Governorate

Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate


Who Can Apply for Driving License in Kuwait

  1. Proper Health and fitness
  2. You should be working in Kuwait with a valid visa at least two years before applying
  3. You should be holding a University Degree
  4. Your monthly  Salary should be equal or greater than 600 KD



1- Non-Kuwaiti women who are married to Kuwaiti men, non-Kuwaiti women who are widows or divorcees of Kuwaiti men and with children.

2- Non-Kuwaiti men married to Kuwaiti women and their children.

3- Bedouns who hold valid security card.

4- Students provided they are registered in any of the universities or applied institutes in Kuwait.

5- Expatriate housewives who have children provided that their husbands are eligible to obtain driving license and exempted from the period of residence and salary (Judges, members of the public prosecution, consultants and experts) and those exempted from the condition of period of stay (general managers and their deputies, irrespective of their job description).

6- Members of the diplomatic corps.

7- Professional players in the clubs and sports federations in government sector.

8- Drivers, general company representatives (Mandoubs) and Mandoubs solely in charge of passports and issues concerning the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor who hold valid driving license issued from their countries of origin or any other country.

9- Domestic worker who serves in the same position for at least five years in a row under the same sponsor and decides to change the profession to a driver.

10- Nursing staff and specialists of natural treatment and all categories of technicians in the medical field.

11- Pilots, captains, and their assistants.

12- Undertakers


The decision exempts some categories of persons from the period of residence and salary condition:

1- Judges, members of Public Prosecution, consultants and experts.

2- Teaching staff in the universities and applied institutes.

3- Journalists and media practitioners

4- Doctors, pharmacists and engineers

5- Teachers and social specialists

6- Researchers irrespective of their job description, legal practitioners, translators, librarians, Imams of mosques who are working in government authorities.

7- Sports trainers working in sports federations and clubs in the government authorities

The decision exempts also some groups from the condition of period of residence as follows:

1- General Managers and their assistants irrespective of their job description

2- Managers irrespective of their job description

3- Accountants irrespective of their job description

4- Mandoubs irrespective of their job description The decision cancels the driving license of a driver, general company representative (Mandoub), the Mandoub for passports, and Mandoub for affairs of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor once he cancels the residence or changes the profession by which he obtained the driving license, and he will not be issued a new driving license unless he waits for two years from the date the previous license was canceled and follows new procedures.

It is worthy of note the driving license will be canceled once the holder changes the profession by which he obtained it, particularly if the new job title is not included in the list of professions entitled to a driving license.



Is your driving license valid all the time?


  1. Expats who change their professions to job categories that are not permitted to obtain a driving license. Expats falling into this category will be deported if caught, regardless of the validity of the license.


To obtain a Kuwaiti Driving License on basis of home-country license:


Expatriates seeking Kuwaiti driving license on the basis of a home-country license, should present the following at the Traffic Department in the governorate in which he or she resides:


  1. Passport and copies of pages showing personal details and residence stamp.
  2. Letter from sponsor stating the applicant’s position in the country, and the complete residential address of the applicant.
  3. Proof of residential address like copy of tenancy deal or electricity bill
  4. Original driving license from home country
  5. Photocopy of original driving license certified by applicant’s embassy in Kuwait.
  6. Blood group certificate from local clinic
  7. Eye test certificate
  8. Photographs, as required
  9. Attested degree certificates


Those who are not permitted to obtain a Kuwaiti driving license on the basis of their national license will have to visit the license section at the main Traffic Department obtain approval for learner’s license.


GCC License Replacement

It is allowed for GCC citizens to drive using their GCC driving licensee which was issued from their countries as far as it is still valid. In case it is expired the traffic department may renew their licensee with a Kuwaiti Licensee.


Renewal of driving license


The driving licenses in Kuwait come with One-year validity, depending on driver’s age. When the license expires, it can be renewed in less than a day at the Traffic Department that originally issued it.

The eye test whether required or not, depends on the age of the driver. Drivers up to the age of 40 are exempted from the test and are given a ten year renewal of their driving license. Those beyond the age of 40 but below 50 years of age are also exempted, but they are granted license renewal without eye test only until their 50th birthday. Beyond the age of 50, the eye test is compulsory.


The documents to be submitted include:

  1. Original and Copies of Passport and civil ID
  2. Old driving license
  3. Passport-size photographs
  4. Typed application form
  5. Eye test report


Drivers aged 50 to 55 are given a five-year renewal of license, those aged beyond 55 years are granted renewal only up to 60 years of age. Drivers beyond 60 years are granted three-year licenses, provided they pass eye test each time.



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