Eight Students Expelled After Fire Extinguisher Prank Misfires
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Eight female students were expelled from their high school in Kuwait for endangering other pupils’ lives and breaking rules and regulations.

They tampered with fire extinguishers, which caused 42 students to suffocate, according to Al Rai newspaper.

The students were banned from schools in Al Jahra’a and transferred to institutions in other educational zones.

The educational authorities also transferred six other students to other schools in Al Jahra’a and suspended some others for a few days.

An inquiry revealed that the students who brought crackers and firefighting powder filmed the chaotic scenes and posted pictures on their social media accounts.

Al Jahra’a educational directorate referred four female school supervisors for investigation over negligence and failure to monitor their respective areas.

The students who were questioned confessed to bringing the crackers and tampering with fire extinguishers, adding that they had filmed the chaotic scenes and posted video recordings online.



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