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How to obtain Visit Visa for Kuwait

You can enter Kuwait without a visa if you’re a GCC national, Passport holders of 70 countries can obtain a visit visa upon arrival in Kuwait, . Everyone else will need to apply for a visa in advance of travelling to Kuwait. This visa is valid for 1 month. Anyone wishing to stay longer, work in Kuwait, or a passport holder not on this list must organise a visa before arriving in the country. Visit your nearest Kuwaiti embassy or consulate for information

In order to obtain a visa, you require a sponsor, which is normally your employer if you’re working. If you’re visiting for a holiday or business, the hotel where you’re staying can act as your sponsor. To request this service, you must send your travel itinerary and passport details by fax a few weeks in advance of your stay. Ensure that confirmation has been given and that your visa will be left at your point of entry before you depart. A small fee will be added to your hotel bill for this service. Additionally, your hotel might be able to obtain short extensions to your stay, provided they’re sure of your itinerary during the stay. The hotel is responsible for you during your time in the country. If you’re taking up work in Kuwait, your sponsor will normally arrange the necessary visas and permits for you.

Most visas and permits consist of passport stamps, so that immigration authorities can easily check that you have the necessary authorisation when you enter or leave the country. There are costs associated with the various visas and permits, but in the case of foreign workers these are normally met by your employer. Note that the prices quoted below should be taken as a guide only, as they’re subject to change, as are the conditions and requirements; the relevant state’s embassy or consulate can provide you with the current information.

To obtain a visit visa for a business visitor, a Kuwaiti sponsor or company will require:

  • visa application and security form completed by the sponsor
  • copy of the visitor's passport
  • copy of the sponsor's signature as registered for business purposes
  • copy of the letter of invitation from the sponsor to the business visitor stating the purpose of the visit.

To obtain a visit visa for a relative, a resident foreigner will require:

  • visa application and security form completed by the sponsor
  • copy of the visitor's passport
  • original and copy of the sponsor's passport
  • original and copy of the sponsor's civil ID
  • original and copy of the sponsor's work permit (private sector employees)
  • recent salary certificate from the sponsor's employer
  • authenticated proof of the family relationship.  


Visa Validity - 1 Month

Price - 3 KD


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