Expat Woman Cannot Own Property In Kuwait
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The Civil Circuit of the Court of Cessation overturned the verdict issued by the Court of Appeals to allow an expatriate woman to possess half of a house owned by a Kuwaiti man. The court dismissed the case. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit to claim that she lent her sonin- law (a Kuwaiti citizen) some money for building his house. She asked for owning half of the house, referring to article 262 of the civil law as per which those who become rich at the expense of another individual, the latter deserves to receive compensation for the damages he or she sustain. Lawyer Jarrah Al-Enezi requested for rejection of the lawsuit, highlighting that the law and Constitution of Kuwait prevents non-Kuwaitis from possessing real estate in Kuwait. He stressed that the only evidence is that the defendant borrowed money from the plaintiff, while other claims are not supported by any evidences.

Verdict annulled: The Court of Cessation has nullified the verdict issued in absentia against Kuwaiti actress Zahra Arafat and TV presenter Halima Boland for misusing smartphones and insulting each other on social media. The court instead acquitted them of the charges, reports Al-Anba daily. According to a source, the dispute broke out between Arafat and Boland when the latter published a photograph of the former on social media without her permission after she underwent plastic surgery on her nose, and commented on her facial features.

New direct appeal: The Constitutional Court has received a new direct appeal challenging the unconstitutionality of article No.16 of law No. 12/1963 concerning the internal bylaw of the National Assembly to vote on the dropping of the memberships of the two lawmakers Dr Waleed Al-Tabtabaie and Dr Jama’an Al-Harbash, reports Al-Anba daily. Such an appeal was submitted even though a final verdict has been issued for the detention of the two MPs in the case of storming of the National Assembly building



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