External Repairs Of The Apartment Public Areas Has To Be Done By The Landlord
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First of all I would like to thank you for all your advice and assistance you give. I am also looking for advice.

The building I reside in is about 15 years old …so here comes the problem: rather than fixing the problematic areas the harris (caretaker) expects us to repair the things.

For example, the building elevator is not strong enough due to which we cannot arrange parties or small get-togethers because it heats up and then stops.

The second problem is “balconies” because these days it is hard to find a apartment with a balcony, but those who have one are lucky because it’s used daily … for example for laundry, or reading a book. The problem is the weather here forces us to clean the balcony every week, but when we do we are told we are not allowed to do so as “the water flashes on the balconies below our floor and dirties these balconies”.

We have been told the people who are affected can report us to “Baladiya” (municipality).

Please guide me on what I should do and also tell me if I am wrong about the balcony issue.

Name withheld
Answer: You must remember that the repair of the building has to be done by the landlord and the tenants don’t have to bear the expenses of such repairs, especially things like elevators.

Secondly on the issue of balconies, you have to discuss the issue with the other tenants so that there are no problems tied to the cleaning of the balconies. It is true that the tenants can complain against other tenants who create problems but you can get around this issue by a mutual agreement with the other tenants.

Before cleaning the balconies, you can warn the tenants of the lower floors so they are not affected by the water which comes from your flat. This must be handled amicably.



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