Facebook Introduces Live Streaming
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Continuing its spree of introducing new features, the world's most popular social networking site Facebook has now introduced the live streaming feature. The live streaming feature will enable Facebook users to broadcast live videos and it is being observed as a revolutionary improvement by the social networking giant.

Already, Facebook enabled the live streaming feature for a select section of celebrities and high profile Facebook users several months ago and the feature will be made available for a small section of US residents who own an iPhone. Later, the feature will be available for all the users across the globe very soon.

The live streams will display the number of live viewers, names of users and friends watching the live streaming, The live streamed videos will be saved on the users' timelines. This latest feature by Facebook is being seen as a competition to another leading social networking site Twitter, which owns the live broadcasting feature Periscope and Meerkat.

However, there have been several privacy concerns being raised by tech experts regarding the live streaming and how the content will be restricted to respect privacy

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