Family Materials Project Aims To Reduce Prices And Control Price Hikes
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The Family Materials Project aims to reduce prices and control price hikes through the coordinated efforts of the workers and consumers in protecting the rights of both parties by ensuring that prices are reasonable, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting head of the project Ahmad Al-Qafeedi. Al-Qafeedi told the daily that the project started in November under Kuwaiti supervision; disclosing the objective is to provide families with electronics, health requirements, satellites, air conditioning units and washing machines.


The Interior Ministry has instructed a number of reciters (Ruqiya Shariyah) not to practice their profession in their homes and to stop receiving cases, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting sources. Sources explained the ministry took this step after receiving many complaints about traffic congestion in front of their homes and the need to protect public funds. Sources said some reciters collect money even if they have no license, so the ministry asked them to sign a pledge not to practice the profession unless they are licensed to do so.


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