Indian Workers In Kuwait Increase By 6.6 Percent
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The Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) said Monday the workforce in Kuwait, excluding housekeepers) hit 2,009,071 in last June. The figure reflects increase by 70,828 or 3.6 percent from the corresponding month last year, according to the CSB quarterly report that surveyed the period ending on 30 June, 2017.

The total workforce, including housekeepers, hit 2,684,334, increasing by 83,929 or 3.2 percent in this period with the private sector remaining the main employer. The private sector absorbed 60.3 percent of the total workforce while the Kuwaiti workers represented only 4.4 percent of such workers. The Kuwaiti workforce grew from 348,792 to 358,854, an increase of 2.9 percent from June 2016, with the public sector employing 80 percent of them.

The number of Kuwaitis employed by the public sector went up 3.3 percent from 277,935 to 287,236 in the period surveyed. The number of female workers rose by 3.9 percent and the male workers by 1.6 percent. Meanwhile, the ratio of Kuwaiti workforce to the total workforce went slightly down from 18 percent in June 2016 to 17.9 in last June.

The number of non-Kuwaiti workers went up by 3.8 percent from 1,589,451 to 1,650,217. The report noted that there were no remarkable changes in the structure of the various groups of nationalities working in Kuwait.


The expats from the group of Asian non-Arab countries continued to be the largest group for workers in Kuwait, accounting for 50.3 percent, followed by those from the Arab countries who represent 30.1 percent.

The number of Indian workers in Kuwait went up by 6.6 percent from 519,466 in June 2016 to 553,781 in last June while the number of Egyptians grew by 2.4 percent to 463,804.

The percentage of Kuwaiti workers with bachelor degrees went up from 35.1 to 36.8 percent while the percentage of non-Kuwaiti workers with bachelor degrees rose from 20.5 to 22.7 percent.


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