KOC Opens Its Pre-qualification Stage
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The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) last week opened the pre-qualification stage for a large group of the company’s business categories in the country’s oil fields, reports Al-Anba daily quoting responsible oil sources.

In this regard, the company has set a number of requirements such as the years of experience, pre-execution of projects and the nature of the company’s financial situation over the past 3 years.

The daily added, the KOC has adopted new stringent regulations to qualify local and international contractors to participate in the construction contracts and consultancy services offered by the company. The company’s new decisions stipulate the establishment of new controls with a view to screening companies taking part in the tenders, whether local or global, to ensure the implementation of projects with the required efficiency and quality.

This also includes tightening of controls to prevent defaulters and reducing the delays experienced by projects during the past period, as well as preventing manipulation of data that has been provided. Sources pointed out all the directorates of the company are obliged to adhere to the provisions of the controls document, and to address the Central Tenders Committee to announce the floating of tenders and general controls in the official gazette and open the general qualification for registration as a global contractor or consultant with the company.

The procedures for the qualification of global contractors according to the controls document obtained by the daily include the requirement to implement at least two similar projects outside the country of origin, provided that the foreign companies applying for qualification are registered with the Central Tenders Committee.

All documents must be submitted in Arabic and English only to the Embassy of Kuwait in the country for companies whose headquarters of the company are in their respective countries. These stringent measures come after many contractors failed to execute major projects of the Kuwait Oil Company headed by the company’s No 31 assembly center in northern Kuwait, which was delayed for more than 15 months.

The sources said the company has requested the qualification of local and international contractors specializing in project management consultancy for oil and gas projects (category 103A) with more than 10 years experience in consulting and engineering for major oil and gas projects.

The companies that will be qualified for this contract will undertake the design of various preliminary and final projects and provide services for all types of projects without limitation to the assembly centers, power stations, pipelines across the country (gas/crude oil/liquid water/sea water), water injection, heavy oil, high pressure and sour liquids (eg Jurassic), power stations, overhead lines), security systems, telemetry and leakage detection systems, liquid water treatment, substation power plants and buildings (civil and structural) and hospital projects, security and environmental projects.



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