Kuwait Backs Iraq Against Terrorism
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Kuwait has renewed its solidarity with Iraq with respect of any step Baghdad takes to annihilate terrorism, starting with clamping down on the terrorist organization, the so-called “Islamic State” (DAESH).

Kuwait has also called for prosecuting culprits of horrific crimes for sake of safeguarding Iraq’s national unity, the country’s territorial sanctity and sovereignty. The renewed supportive stance was manifested in a statement by the Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Mansour Al- Otaibi, during a Security Council’s session on DAESH’s crimes. Ambassador Al-Otaibi expressed hope that the UN team on accountability against DAESH’s crimes would succeed in its hard and critical mission.

The UN 2017 Resolution (2379) in this respect was tantamount to a victory for human justice. It had been issued in response to the Iraqi Government request to prosecute those who perpetrated acts tantamount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocides.

Ambassador Al-Otaibi hoped the resolution would help Iraq in its drive against terrorism, congratulated the Iraqi woman activist, Nadia Murad, on earning the Noble prize, lauding her efforts in “soothing the injuries and pain inflicted by the terrorist organization DAESH.” Kuwait has backed Iraq in facing this deviating organization, providing logistical support for Baghdad and hosting anti-DAESH coalition’s conferences.

Moreover, upon a call by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Kuwait hosted, last February, an international conference for rebuilding Iraq. It capped with earmarking $30 billion for aiding Baghdad in rebuilding and restoring normal life in areas, liberated from claws of the terrorists. “It’s high time that Iraq restores its wellness following painful events over the past years while confronting the terrorist organization DAESH.” he stressed. UN Special Adviser and Head of the UN Investigative Team for Accountability of DAESH Karim Asad Ahmad Khan said Tuesday said his team could only be effective if it gained the trust of Iraqi society. Delivering a summary of his first report to the Security Council, Khan, of the UK, said the team must “operate as an independent, impartial and credible accountability mechanism, capable of conducting its work to the highest possible standards.” Second, he said, was “the need to ensure that our work is carried out collaboratively and cooperatively with the Government of Iraq, with full respect for its national sovereignty and in a manner that harnesses the talents, and engenders the support, of all elements of Iraqi society.”



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