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Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah inaugurated on Thursday the electronic-visa sector at Kuwait International Airport, whereby applicants can obtain the entry visa online ahead of arrival in the country.

Speaking upon the inauguration of the e-visa service at the airport facility, Minister Sheikh Moahmmad advised staff and personnel to subject the new system to regular check-up and maintenance, cautioning that any glitch would impair the service, thus tarnishing Kuwait image abroad. Qualified national manpower should be assigned to run the system, he instructed.

Minister Sheikh Mohammad, who oversaw the successful test of the system, urged the concerned personnel to maintain such excellent performance round the clock. “Real operation of the system should be equally effective and I will not accept less than that,” he stressed.

The system is part of a wide-scale strategy to upgrade and speed up the State services for all people, namely citizens and expatriates. Security personnel should perform effectively, security wise, and provide good treatment to departing and arriving people at the same time, he said.

Ali Al-Muaili, in charge of the technological sector in the Ministry of Interior, addressed the minister and other attendees, saying that the e-visa system provides the visa to people abroad via the MoI website, www.moi.gov.kw, thus they will be spared the energy and time wasting at Kuwait airport.

For his part, Major General Talal Maarefi , the Director General of Residency Affairs, said the applicant, via the new service, gets an immediate online reply, explaining that the instant visa is granted to citizens from 52 states, including expatriates in the GCC countries, who have a residency visa valid for no less than six months, also indicating that the special service is given to people of 13 professions.

The minister, who was received by senior security offi cials at the airport, toured various sectors of the facilities and gave instructions to ensure that effective and speedy service is provided for the travelers.

Apply Kuwait Visa Online

1. Upon your arrival, a visa fee of 3KD will be collected after obtaining the visa at the border Entry point.

2. Temporary travel documentation holders are not permitted to use this system..

3. The applications must not have security blocks that prevent them from entering the country.

4. In case of differences between information provided in the application form and the passport, the granted visa will be considered invalid and its holder will not be granted entry..

5. A tourist visa allows the applicant a temporary stay of maximum 3 months starting from the entry date, and hence the visa holder must leave the country before its expiration. The tourist visa holder is not allowed to work in the country and in case he/she is caught they will be punished according to the laws and regulations concerned.

6. A visitor who overstays the permitted period will be fined and the punishment might extend to declining his/her visa application in the future.

7. The applications will be processed during the official working hours with the exception of holidays (Fridays and Saturday) and official and national holidays.

8. You will informed via your email once your visa application has been approved or declined.

Click Here To apply for a new evisa application.

Click Here For evisa application follow-up.


Source - MOI Website


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