Kuwaiti Embassy Urges Citizens To Stay Off Protests In Indonesia
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#Kuwait Embassy in #Indonesia urged fellow Citizens to stay off places and areas in #Jakartawhere political demonstrations are scheduled to take place later this month.
In a statement, the embassy called on Kuwaitis in Indonesia to maintain a high level of vigilance, precaution, and safety, stressing the importance of staying away from certain areas in central Jakarta such as Gambir district, Hotel Indonesia, Indonesian House of Representatives, Shura Council, Jakarta International Expo, the National Monument (MONAS) in Merdeka Square, and Istiqlal Mosque.
It also urged all fellow citizens to stay in touch with the embassy, in case of any emergency situation, through the following emergency phone numbers: +62081290992638, +62081513252597, and +62081281813758.
The embassy wished safety for everyone, and lasting stability and security for Indonesia.
Around 212 Indonesian Islamic organizations are planning to hold new grand demonstrations in Jakarta four days before electing a new governor for the city, scheduled for February 15th, demanding the current Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama to withdraw from the elections race for "insulting Islam". 



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