Kuwaiti Sponsor Beat The Jeanelyn Villavende And Tortured Her To Death
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The Criminal Court witnessed the first session of the trial of the accused persons who caused tension in relations between Kuwait and the Philippines. The court charged the two persons, citizen and his wife with the murder, they denied the charge laid against them reports Al Qabas

Sources said that according to the incident report, the defendant was assaulting the victim from two months prior she succumbed to death, as on that day she was transferred to the hospital by the second defendant’s husband, the defendant (The wife) violently assaulted the maid. The report confirmed that the defendant used her hand and leg to hit the victim, in addition to the tools that were handy in her house, which included a iron for pressing clothes, a wooden spoon, a wooden stick, a water rinse, an iron spoon and the key of the motor vehicle.

Extreme violence
The report further stated that the accused assaulted the victim with her fullest force in different parts of her body, especially the location of the head and chest. The investigating officer stated that the defendant transferred the victim to the dressing room located on the first floor, and kept her there by closing her behind locked door, and on the same day she brought in a maid to work for her instead of the victim, whose health condition detioratied. The report pointed out that the second defendant transferred the victim before her death, accompanied by her husband, to a health center, she put makeup on deceased face to hide her health condition, and dressed her in fully covered clothes.

The Public Prosecutor ended by demanding the imposition of the maximum penalties for the defendants, which amount to death penalty.

Wooden stick
The detectives report confirmed that the defendant used a medium-sized wooden stick and struck with both hands of the victim, and these strikes settled in different parts of her body, causing the injuries described in the forensic report.

Deny the charges
The report indicated that victimization and abuse of the victim’s body are prohibited due to previous disputes as a result of depriving the victim of her due wages, and that by questioning the defendant she denied the accusation that was attributed to her, determined that she treating her well.



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