Kuwaiti Student Attacked By 2 Men
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The Pocatello police in the State of Idaho in the United States have announced that a Kuwaiti student studying at the Idaho State University (ISU) was attacked by two men inside his apartment late last Sunday (Monday early morning, Kuwait time) in what is said to be the second incident of its kind on Middle Eastern students within the past three weeks. Abdullah Al-Dossari, president of the Saudi Student Association at Idaho State University, said a Kuwaiti student was attacked in his home Sunday.

Pocatello police did confirm Tuesday that the incident was under investigation after the news of the attack was posted by Al-Dossari on his Facebook. Police Lt Cliff Kelly said persons of interest have been identified, but no arrests have been made in the case. In his Facebook post Monday, Al-Dossari said the Kuwaiti student, who was not identified, sustained a stab wound to his arm. Al-Dossari said the incident happened near the university campus.

He said two men allegedly assaulted, robbed and stabbed the Kuwaiti student, and threatened to come back and kill him if he told anyone. Al-Dossari said one of the suspects initially knocked on the Kuwaiti student’s door and asked for a cigarette, which the student gave him. The Kuwaiti student also noticed that the man was carrying a gun. The male suspect left and then came back with a second man a few minutes later, but this time they had their faces covered. They allegedly entered the apartment, brandished knives and demanded money.

Al-Dossari said the student attempted to defend himself. But one of the men held him from behind and choked him. The other person stabbed the Kuwaiti student in the arm and then put the knife to his throat, telling him that if he said anything they would come back and kill him.

The situation on campus has escalated to the point that Al-Dossari said a group of Middle Eastern students has started patrolling the Ridge Crest apartment complex. He said ISU Public Safety even issued this group reflective vests and flashlights to assist them in patrolling the apartment complex. “But don’t worry, everyone. ISU officials and a few specific departments and their associates from the community will get it covered up fast so they can keep money coming in,” Al-Dossari wrote.

“They’ll just throw a party to trick people into believing they’ll all be protected the same and treated the same. The Pocatello Police Department has done nothing to share with the media and community what is really happening here.” A month ago, a Middle Eastern student was stabbed in the arm as he walked along South Fourth Avenue near ISU. That incident was revealed during a public meeting at the Pocatello mosque by the student who was stabbed. Pocatello Police Chief Scott Marchand said he wasn’t sure why the incidents weren’t reported to the media. He said possibly investigators have developed suspects in the cases and they want to make an arrest before issuing a public statement.

A statement released by ISU officials Tuesday said that after receiving reports from Ridge Crest residents stating that their doors were being knocked on and attempts had been made to enter their apartments, ISU Public Safety and Housing instituted a “Campus Watch” program at the complex. Meetings were held, training was provided and equipment was issued to volunteers. This is the group Al-Dossari mentioned earlier. ISU Public Safety has increased patrols of all ISU campus housing units, and undercover Public Safety officers have been deployed.

ISU officials also said no recent burglaries have been reported on the ISU campus. And camera video and physical evidence have disputed claims of attempted burglaries and reported acts of violence on campus. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a safe campus to all students,” ISU officials said in their statement.



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