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Indian Died After Falling From Iron Ladder The remains of an unidentified Indian, born in 1977, have been referred to Forensics for an autopsy to identify the cause of death, reports Al-Anba daily. According to security sources the Operatio... February 23, 2020 0 189 Category: Crime News
Just 60 Seconds Lost 1,800 Dinars In just 60 seconds a Kuwaiti lost 1,800 dinars from his bank account, allegedly to a fraud wizard, reports Al-Anba daily. Although several times it has been reported in newspapers and all media channe... February 23, 2020 0 194 Category: Crime News
36000 Citations Issued And 55 Motorists Arrested General Traffic Department (GTD) under the supervision of the Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations Affairs of the Ministry of Interior Major General Jamal Al Sayegh launched traffic cam... February 21, 2020 0 247 Category: Crime News
2 Women Held For Prostitution And Aborting Fetuses Police have arrested two unidentified women, along with the three year- old daughter of one of them, for staying illegally in the country, involving in immoral activities and carrying out abortions in... February 21, 2020 0 714 Category: Crime News
Expat-run Pharmaceutical Firm For Repacking, Selling Medicines Illegally Sized In line with the decision to prevent the import of medicines, nutritional supplements, herbs and medicinal plants via express mail, and not to release any consignment of this nature by the customs unl... February 20, 2020 0 94 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Citizen Of Possessing Hashish, Intoxicants For His Personal Use The Criminal Court acquitted a citizen, in his 20s, of possessing hashish and intoxicants for consumption. According to the case file, security operatives were patrolling the area when they noticed th... February 20, 2020 0 157 Category: Crime News
Syrian Student Obsessed With Her Teacher An unidentified student and a teacher have been summoned for interrogation to find out the extent of relationship between them, reports Al-Rai daily. This happened when a Syrian student of the Coll... February 20, 2020 0 197 Category: Crime News
2 Young People Attempting To Murder A Kuwaiti Juvenile The Jahra police have detained for interrogation a Kuwaiti youth and his cousin for allegedly attempting to ‘murder’ a Kuwaiti juvenile, reports Al-Anba daily. The incident took place o... February 20, 2020 0 184 Category: Crime News
All Bail Requests Rejected In Hospitality Case The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Mut’eb Al-Ardhi, recently rejected all bail requests for those involved in the ‘Interior Ministry Hospitality’ case and postponed the issua... February 20, 2020 0 169 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Nurse Beaten By Unidentified Visitor An unidentified visitor to the Al-Daiya clinic insulted and beat a Kuwaiti nurse and escaped, reports Al-Rai daily. The nurse, according to a security source has filed a complaint with the area police... February 20, 2020 0 206 Category: Crime News
Anti-Corruption Unit Of Bangladesh To Investigate Human Trafficking Allegation Against One Of Its Parliamentarians The Bangladesh government has announced it will ask the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the allegations made by the Al-Qabas daily that a Bangladeshi Member of Parliament is accused of human... February 19, 2020 0 155 Category: Crime News
Call To Suspend Ban On Smoking Shisha The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has requested the Municipal Council to suspend the implementation of the decision to prohibit ‘shisha’ in closed areas on grounds that it contrav... February 19, 2020 0 196 Category: Crime News
2 Asian Maids Arrested For Making Fun Of Old Lady Cybercrime officers have identified two maids for poking fun at an elderly woman, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source told the daily the two maids published an abusive video clip of their elderly ... February 19, 2020 0 368 Category: Crime News
Strange Traffic Accident On The 4th Ring Road In Jahra Kuwait witnessed a strange traffic accident on the Fourth Ring Road in Jahra in the direction of Kuwait City, reports Al-Anba daily. The vehicle can be seen mounted on the cement road barrier &lsqu... February 19, 2020 0 248 Category: Crime News
8 Reckless Motorists Arrested And Cars Seized Intelligence officers from the General Traffic Department organized a traffic campaign in Jaber Al-Ali and arrested eight reckless motorists, impounded their vehicles and towed them to the police gara... February 19, 2020 0 158 Category: Crime News
Speed Limit Fixation Denied General Traffic Department of Ministry of Interior has denied information concerning change in the programming of the traffic cameras installed on all roads of the country. The department issued th... February 19, 2020 0 190 Category: Crime News
Woman Under Probe For Forging Documents An unidentified woman has been referred to the Public Prosecution for forging documents and acquiring two citizenships (Kuwaiti and of an unidentified Gulf country) under two different names, reports ... February 18, 2020 0 146 Category: Crime News
3 Indians Arrested For Gambling In Garden Of The Sheraton Roundabout Three Indians have been arrested and referred to the Salhiya Police Station for gambling, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the suspects were seen gambling in the garden of the Sheraton Roundabou... February 18, 2020 0 317 Category: Crime News
Sachets Of Drugs Seized By The Customs The air cargo men have seized a quantity of drugs and psychotropic substances, which unidentified persons attempted to smuggle into the country through incoming air parcels, reports Al-Rai daily. The ... February 18, 2020 0 210 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Drug Addict Attempting To Assault 2 Policemen Police have arrested an unidentified Kuwaiti drug addict for attempting to assault two policemen, reports Al-Anba daily. According to security sources the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior r... February 18, 2020 0 75 Category: Crime News