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Asian Woman Arrested For Killing Her Newborn Baby An Asian woman has been arrested for killing her newborn baby immediately after delivering the baby inside a flat in Salmiya area, says Al-Seyassah. According to security sources, a Jordanian e... June 09, 2017 0 412 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Man For Selling Liquor The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Cassation overturned the verdict of the First Instance and Appeals courts which sentenced a man to one year and a half in prison with hard labor for selling alc... June 09, 2017 0 690 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Two Individuals Of Possessing Drugs The Court of First Instance upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which acquitted two individuals who were accused of possessing drugs (Tremadol) for their use and peddling. The defense counsel L... June 09, 2017 0 340 Category: Crime News
A Wounded Kuwaiti Citizen Found In Semiconscious State Inside His Car A wounded Kuwaiti citizen in his 20s was found in a semiconscious state inside his car in Kabad area. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received informati... June 09, 2017 0 375 Category: Crime News
Two Individuals Attacked Taxi Driver And Robbed Him Two unknown individuals attacked a Sri Lankan taxi driver and robbed him of his wallet, which contained KD 45 cash and his official identification documents. According to security sources, the victim ... June 09, 2017 0 274 Category: Crime News
Court Ended Arguments In Case Filed Against 70 Citizens Who Were Accused Of Storming The Parliament Building The Court of Appeals to conclude arguments by the defense team on the case filed against 70 citizens including former and current lawmakers who were accused of storming the Parliament building. The Ei... June 08, 2017 0 304 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted An Egyptian Truck Driver Who Was Accused In Smuggling Methamphetamine The Court of Appeals cancelled the decision of the First Instance Court which sentenced an Egyptian truck driver to five years in prison with hard labor for smuggling Methamphetamine from Iraq to Kuwa... June 08, 2017 0 346 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Municipality Continued Campaigns In Targeting Groceries Located In Private Houses The Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality has confirmed the continuation of campaigns being conducted by Jahra Emergency Team targeting groceries located in private houses at Sa’ad ... June 08, 2017 0 325 Category: Crime News
Citizen Filed A Case Against Sports Car Driver A Kuwaiti woman filed a case at Sulaibikhat Police Station against the driver of a sports car. She informed securitymen that she was driving down a road when the suspect chased her and tried to give h... June 08, 2017 0 333 Category: Crime News
Eve-teaser Chased By Mother Who Stalked Her Daughter And Tried To Give Her His Mobile Number A Kuwaiti woman chased away an eve-teaser who stalked her daughter and tried to give her his mobile number. Reportedly, the Kuwaiti woman and her daughter were shopping when the latter noticed a man f... June 08, 2017 0 393 Category: Crime News
70 Kg Expired Foodstuff Confiscated From 40 Shops And Warehouses The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality affirmed that the Emergency Team of Capital Municipality will continue with the inspection campaigns on wholesale stores in Shuwaikh area. In ... June 08, 2017 0 279 Category: Crime News
Huge Quantity Of Subsidized Commodities Seized At Makeshift Market Emergency team affiliated to the Department of Monitoring and Consumer Protection seized a quantity of subsidized commodities at a makeshift market in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. In a statement, the departm... June 08, 2017 0 344 Category: Crime News
Municipality Inspectors During Raids In Restaurants And Food Stores The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality declared the continuation of the second stage of its campaign titled “Your Health is our Trust” which is aimed at the cleanliness of ... June 07, 2017 0 425 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Woman Flat Vandalized An unknown individual broke into an Iraqi woman’s apartment in Jahra area and vandalized it. According to the police report, the woman lodged a complaint at Jahra Police Station, informing secur... June 07, 2017 0 394 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Woman Jewelry Stolen Police are looking for an unidentifi ed burglar for breaking into the home of an Egyptian woman in Maidan Hawally and stealing jewelry worth KD 2,750, reports Al-Anba daily. Personnel from the Crimina... June 07, 2017 0 359 Category: Crime News
Power Generators, Tents Burnt In Fire In Kabad Area Firemen extinguished a fire that broke out in a store for power generators and tents, covering 600 square/meters area of a farm in Kabad area. The Operations Room of the Fire Service Department rec... June 07, 2017 0 788 Category: Crime News
One Died , One Injured In A Road Accident After A Vehicle Overturned On Fahaheel Road  A European woman died in a road accident after her vehicle overturned on Fahaheel Road, while her passenger sustained serious injuries and fractures. According to the police report, when the Ope... June 07, 2017 0 426 Category: Crime News
Reckless Drivers Arrested Interior Ministry’s traffic department launched a sudden inspection campaign in the early hours of morning in Kabd yesterday and arrested six reckless drivers. According to report, crowds were g... June 07, 2017 0 498 Category: Crime News
Court Cancelled The Payment Order The Court of Appeals cancelled the payment order amounting to KD 5,000 issued to a citizen in favor of a telecommunications company as cost of telephone calls and monthly subscriptions. Attorney Jarra... June 07, 2017 0 325 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced 2 Years Jail To Expat For Robberies The Misdemeanor Court chaired by Judge Abdullah Al-Othman sentenced an expatriate to two years in prison with hard labor and deportation after serving the term over allegation of breaking into a beaut... June 07, 2017 0 418 Category: Crime News