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I am currently on visa 18 and came to Kuwait in 2015. Since 2015 I have been working with same employer in the private sector with engineer designation however due to KSE issue in Nov 2018 my company changed my designation to admin supervisor under gov contract. I have now got a job offer from another private sector company in Kuwait and after checking my visa they informed me that it is transferable after 1 year only by paying KD 300. What I understand from my sources is that my visa should be transferable in 6 months after paying KD 300. I would like to know if you could throw some light on this.

Name withheld Answer:
A Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour decision was issued in 2016 on new fees for some transactions related to the transfer of work permits in the private and oil sectors.

The decision stipulates that in line with Labour administrative decision number 842/2015 regarding work permit transfer in private and oil sectors and its amendment, the employer is allowed to transfer the work permit of the employer through the Supreme Committee for Individual Disputes by paying fees depending on the nature of the transfer.

According to the decision KD 200 should be paid for transferring the work permit of an employee registered under an expired contract to another government contract of the same employer, KD 350 for transferring work permit of an employee registered under a government contract, whether expired or not, to the main file of the same employer.

The decision also adds that it is permissible to transfer the work permit of an employee registered under expired or valid government contract, to another government contract of an employee, who was brought into the country to work in the private sector, to another employer without completing the required work period – one year under the current employer.

It also permits an employee, who worked in the government sector and transferred to the private sector, to transfer to another employer before completing one year upon paying a fee of KD 300. KD 300 fee is also applicable for the transfer of work permit of a locally retired employee registered under a government contract to the private sector before finishing one year.

It is also permissible to transfer the work permit of an employee, who was on dependent visa and transferred to the private sector to another employer before completing one year with the current employer.

The fee for this is KD 300. A similar fee of KD 300 is imposed for the transfer of the work permit of a domestic employee who had earlier transferred to the private sector without completing three years under the current employee.

As requested, I have, thrown more light on the subject in question and from the various scenarios given, it is clear that when you go through the process and make the required payments, the work permit transfer will be effected without any time lapse.

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