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We are expecting our new born by first of week of March this year and would like to get someone from the Philippines to take care of our baby since we are both working. My wife and I are both Filipino nationals and have a combined salary of KD 1,350. Is it possible for us to get someone from the Philippines? if so, can you walk through us the process and reqirements needed.

Name withheld 
Answer: Unfortunately, the laws of Kuwait won’t permit you to bring someone from the Philippines to provide the services of baby-sitter while you and your wife are at work. Babysitting is one of the services provided by household helpers and under Kuwait law a sponsor is not allowed to bring in a compatriot as a housemaid. Our advice to you therefore is that i7f you are still desorous of getting a babysitter outside Kuwait then you have for someone outside the Philippines and this we must admit is a herculean task.



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