MEW On The Readiness Of The Ministries To Prevent The Power Outage During Summer
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Fearing power outage during the summer in some parts of the country which has been a common sight over the past years, MP Thamer Al-Zufairi has forwarded parliamentary queries to Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water on the readiness of the ministries to prevent the similar scenarios.

He wants to know if the ministry of Electricity and Water has put in place any plan to prevent the power outage during summer. He also inquired if the Ministry is ready to contain the expected pressure on power plants during the summer period. He also wants to know the rate of power consumption per day against the power production.

He also wants to know what the strategic water storage capacity in Kuwait is, and how long will this suffice in case of emergency and if the water treatment is according to global requirements. What is the actual plan of the ministry to increase production of electricity and water over the next five years and if it will be enough for the housing projects planned to implement in Mutla’a and South of Saad Abdullah and other new areas? He also wants to know number of companies the ministry has signed a contract with to operate the power plants and the number of sessions dedicated to train the staff working at these power stations and number of actual beneficiaries.



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