Ministry Of Finance Okays Salary Increase, Bonuses For MoE Worth KD 30m
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Despite the government’s determination to rationalize and streamline expenditures of the State budget, Ministry of Finance has approved salary increment and bonuses for the Ministry of Education worth KD 30 million. Conse-quently, the total budget of academic year 2016/2017 reached KD 81,731,000 compared to KD 51, 231,000 in the last academic year. In this context, sources close to the Education Ministry explained that the approved budget constitute KD 50 million for excellent duty, KD 12 million for training, teaching, supervision and exams allowances, KD 6 million for extra tasks, KD 2,650,000 for committee sittings, KD 12 million for miscellaneous, and KD 81,000 for committee membership.

The same sources added allowances allocated for high school sector, which has 18,716 teachers and administrators is KD 12,705,000 of which KD 190 thousand is for extra tasks and KD 5,980,000 is for excellent works, and KD 4,920,000 is for training, teaching, supervision and exams allowances, and KD 65,000 has been allotted for committee sittings and KD 1,550,000 falls under miscellaneous. In the primary sector, which has 12,736 teachers and administrators is KD 8,585,000 of which KD 415,000 is allotted for extra tasks and KD 2,220 for excellent duty, and KD 430,000 is for training, teaching, and supervision and exams allowances. Also, KD 50,000 has been allocated for committee sittings while KD 470,000 falls under miscellaneous.

They noted KD 12,348,000 was allocated for the salaries of employees in its general administration, which has 18 thousand and 83 employees, of which KD 1.41 million is for extra tasks, KD 6,220,000 for excellent duty, and KD 2,810,000 for miscellaneous.

The sources noted the allocation of KD 2,210,000 was made to cater for 5,434 teachers and administrators working in various institutions, where KD 70,000 was allocated for extra tasks, KD 720 thousand for excellent duty, and KD 285 thousand for training, teaching, supervision and exams allowances, while KD 85 thousand has been allotted for committee meetings, in addition to KD one million dinars for miscellaneous.

For those working in public education services sector where 8,886 thousand people are employed, the share stood at KD 11,798,000 which includes KD 2.2 million for extra tasks and KD 3.5 million for excellent duty, whereas KD 4.2 million was allotted for training, teaching, supervision and exams allowances, and KD 18,000 for committee meetings and KD 550 thousand for committee sittings, in addition to KD 1.3 million for miscellaneous.



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