Kuwait Municipality Warning to Real Estate Owners
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Kuwait Municipality has renewed its warning to real estate owners in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area to comply with legal procedures and modify the status of their property and return them to the plan approved by the municipality.

They stressed that electricity will not be connected to any property until the regulatory agencies have completed the necessary check to ensure all violations are removed, reports Al-Rai daily.

With direct instructions from the Director General of Municipality Engineer Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, the Joint Ministerial Committee was directed to follow up the situation in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area.

The committee has intensified its campaign on the area, covering Block 5, Street 55 where the supervisory bodies of Farwaniya Municipality Branch, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Interior implemented a comprehensive campaign a couple of days ago, which resulted in the permanent closure of many shops and removal of a variety of violating canopies and roadblocks, in addition to a set of warnings against real estate in violation of building regulations.

Director of Farwaniya Municipality Muhammad Sarkhouh explained that Haramiyah Market located in the region is monitored on a daily basis but the market is not fixed and sellers have no problem violating the practice of buying and selling within the side lanes if the market is removed, stressing “this is actually what is happening”.

He reaffirmed that all markets are under siege! He revealed a future traffic plan to organize Muhammad Bin Al-Qasim Street, adding the initiative is to facilitate movement in the area and periodical cleaning activities.

He noted Director General Engineer Ahmad Al-Manfouhi is familiar with the reasons and details of this matter, saying “The issue of setting up permanent checkpoints in informal markets is impractical. It was discussed beforehand and concluded the situation would be unsafe, as long as the markets are mobile and unfixed. Nothing is negligible, especially as power cuts has contributed to eliminating random selling,” Sarkhouh said.

In a related context, Sarkhouh stressed that “campaigns are continuing on impromptu basis and they will not stop without monitoring all violations and taking legal action against them, in coordination with concerned authorities.” He noted the element of surprise was the fruit of joint action plans among all concerned parties.

This is to deliver a message to violators that the state is working on the heart of one man to deter violators and apply the prestige of law without influence. He added the joint work of the campaign with concerned authorities came with an expected result, each according to its specialization.

He declared the Department of Public Hygiene lifted 36 trail of waste and 15 trail of used tires to the reservation site. Add to the confiscation of 2 lorries of vegetables and fruits from informal markets, and detection of butchers who have since been sent to concerned authorities for legal action.

“Audit and Follow-up Department of the Municipality closed 16 shops and cafes after completing all legal procedures, in addition to the issuance of 5 citations against opening and management of shops before approval of the municipality.

The officials also detected an unlicensed carpentry shop and a bakery, and completed legal proceedings against them ,” Sarkhouh noted. He pointed out that the Department of Demolition of Illegal Structures removed 23 commercial umbrellas established on state property and 25 ground barriers, and issued 12 citations against violating stores.

He said the Department of Engineering Irregularities Followup issued 9 warnings against 9 property violations for building violations, and legal procedures have been completed in order to cut the electricity in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

He stressed that Public Authority for Manpower issued 38 labor-related citations, and legal procedures will be finalized to carry out administrative deportation. “Campaigns carried out by the regulatory authorities are continuing to ensure that real estate owners comply with the amendment of violating shops, and return them to the real estate plan approved by the municipality after administrative closure carried out by the Department of Services, Audit and Follow-up.

Engineering Violations Follow-up Department also issued buildingrelated citations, while the Ministry of Electricity and Water disconnected electricity and water. Many of the landlords complied with the legal procedures by closing shops permanently to restore the property as contained in the approved plan,” Sarkhouh concluded.



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