MOE Resolve To Be Strict On Procedures Concerning Cheating In Exams
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Ministry of Education’s resolve to be strict on procedures concerning cheating and prevailing technical loopholes in the examination committees each year have been dogged by a straw of rejection, condemnation and complaints capable of breaking the backbone of the ministry in case instances of deprivation continue to multiply amid high rate of failure, reports Al-Rai daily.

Kuwait Teachers Association (KTA) has expressed objection to the new mechanism of preventing students from sitting for all examinations, indicating such students will be awarded zero marks in all subjects if caught cheating in a subject. The association has urged the ministry to rescind the decision by reverting to the previous system to avoid unwarranted consequences.

In a related development, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education Fatmah Al- Kanderi disclosed that the recently approved decision concerning cheating is a ministerial resolution to ensure that students are alert to the consequences of cheating. She noted examiners will be moving around with GPS monitoring system to trace the routes of examination boxes on electronic screens to prevent leakage and identify committees that violate the time of opening the envelopes. She declared a meeting with the Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athari will be held to determine the new mechanism of dealing with cheating and consider reservation expressed by the association, as contained in a letter with which it urged the ministry to rescind its decision by reverting to the previous mechanism.

Assistant Undersecretary for Administration and Administrative Development in the Ministry of Education Fahad Al-Ghais said the ministry is planning to amend the conditions for occupying supervisory positions at General Department of Private Education, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Ghais disclosed that Head of Education Affairs Department will be included among those covered by the conditions meant for supervisors at the foreign schools. Corroborating Al-Ghais, Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Development at Civil Service Commission (CSC) Nabil Al-Me’ajil stated the commission has already approved the amendment without objection to the inclusion of additional conditions.

Al-Jarida newspaper quoting Dean of the College of Education at Kuwait University Professor Bader Al-Omar said the college has capacity for 500 new students, although it varies from year to year depending on available seats. He explained the college does not allow students who switched to the college from outside to transfer internally, because the officials have discovered that some students transfer to the college from other colleges and later show interest in switching internally to other specialties. He reiterated the decision to stop internal transfer is to prevent pranks.



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