MOH Offered Services To Expatriates At Good Price
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Dr Al-Abdulhadi said the services that are not included in the health insurance policy will be offered to expatriates at a good price, especially the bone density test, which costs the government KD 90 but expatriates will be paying only KD 40, the internal tumor diagnosis tests which are carried out in the nuclear medicine units and costs the government KD 480 but it will cost only KD 250 for expatriates, and adrenal gland tests, which costs the government KD 270 but will be offered to expatriates at a reduced cost of KD 70.

Regarding the new health insurance policy for expatriates, Dr. Al-Abdulhadi indicated that the project is in its last stages at the State Audit Bureau, revealing that the ministry has worked on all the observations that were raised about the policy.

Dr. Al-Abdulhadi stressed that joint contracts will be signed between the ministry and the health insurance company after the insurance project is approved by the State Audit Bureau, in order to establish three hospitals and 15 health centers in various governorates of Kuwait.

He explained that the health insurance policy will be obligatory for expatriates working in the private sector, and they will be completely barred from accessing health services in government hospitals and medical centers. Kuwaitis will not be allowed to benefit from free health services in hospitals and medical health centers designated for the health insurance policy.

Expatriates working in the private sector can receive the document of health insurance if they desire. Dr Al-Abdulhadi said Ministry of Finance, represented by Kuwait Investment Authority, is coordinating with Ministry of Health to determine the financial value of the health insurance and is seeking alternative means to solve cases of inability to pay the new health insurance charges.




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