MP Planned To Forward Questions To MOSAL About Collision Between A Civil Aircraft And Air Balloon
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MP Jaman Al-Harbash has unveiled his plan to forward questions to Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh about the collision between a civil aircraft and air balloon at the Air Control Unit of the Air Defense Brigades on Aug 27, 2017. He pointed out that civil aviation is under the minister’s control, while stressing the need for thorough investigation. He added committee which will be entrusted with this task must be neutral, competent and internationally accredited.

He argued if the civil aviation, concerned airline or Ministry of Defense has the right to form special committees; then this should not prevent the government from forming or bringing in a neutral committee to investigate. He said neutral investigation is the only way to prevent recurrence of such a serious incident, asserting the minister will be held accountable if she fails to address the issue. He added he intends to propose a new pay scale for air controllers and their aides considering their financial and living conditions are not as good as their counterparts in other GCC countries.

MP Khalid Mohammed Al-Otaibi claimed all the announcements made by officials of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education on their readiness for the academic year are nothing but “media frenzy” as the reality in terms of equipment and preparations, especially in neglected areas like Sabah al-Ahmad, is worse than expected. He said the lawmakers warn against recurrence of problems every time a new academic year begins, but what happened in the schools in the suburb of Ali Sabah Al-Salem (Umm al-Hayman) recurred in Sabah Al-Ahmad.


He added the latter is currently witnessing “an educational disaster,” pointing out the number of students in Al-Rabaab bint Al-Bara Middle School for Girls reached 1,500 without any academic and administrative staff. He went on to say the number of secondary classes in Talha bin Obaidullah School for Boys increased from 14 to 31, yet the necessary preparations have not been done. He also disclosed that classes are suspended for a week in Abdullah bin Salam Elementary School for Boys due to the big number of students and shortage of teachers, while the number of students in Jumana bint Al-Harith Secondary School for Girls exceeded 800 despite the lack of teachers. He called for immediate intervention of the minister to end these disasters.

On another issue, MP Hamoud Al- Khodair warned about attempts to privatize the oil sector which is a violation of the Constitution and the law prohibiting privatization of this sector. He cited the appointment of an expatriate as head of EQUATE Company as indication of chaos within the sector which is regarded as the artery of the State and its sole source of income. He added Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Essam Al-Marzouq understands the magnitude of the parliamentary campaign against him due to confusion in the oil sector. He said the indifference of the minister will only raise the ceiling of parliamentary demands and accountability until he stands on the grilling podium and a no-confidence motion is submitted against him.


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