MP Presented A Bill On Defining Crimes That Bar Candidates From Contesting Polls
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MP Ahmed Nabil Al-Fadel has presented a bill on defining crimes which disqualify a citizen proven to have engaged in such acts from standing for parliamentary elections. In a press statement, Al-Fadel explained the bill includes stipulations on electing Parliament members and cancellation of the existing law which will be replaced with his proposal, if approved.

According to the lawmaker, his proposal states that parliamentary election candidates must meet all conditions such as holding Kuwaiti citizenship as per article One, Two or Three of Amiri Decree number 15/1959 – the Nationality Law – and its amendments. Article One of the law states that original Kuwaiti nationals are those persons who were settled in Kuwait prior to 1920 and who maintained their normal residence there until the date of the publication of this law.

Ancestral residence shall be deemed complementary to the period of residence of descendants. A person is deemed to have maintained his normal residence in Kuwait even if he resides in a foreign country if he has the intention of returning to Kuwait. Article Two says any person born in or outside Kuwait whose father is a Kuwaiti national shall be a Kuwaiti national himself. Article Three states that Kuwaiti nationality is acquired by any person born in Kuwait whose parents are unknown.

A foundling is deemed to have been born in Kuwait unless the contrary is proved. Kuwaiti nationality may be granted by Decree upon the recommendation of the Minister of Interior to any person [upon attaining his age of majority] born in or outside Kuwait to a Kuwaiti mother whose father is unknown or whose kinship to his father has not been legally established.

The Minister of Interior may afford to such children, being minors, the same treatment as that afforded to Kuwaiti nationals until they reach their age of majority. Al-Fadel added the candidates should be 30 years old and above on the day of election and their names must be included in one of the electoral lists. He clarified that besides the abovementioned requirements, the candidates must meet the following conditions:

■ University degree or its equivalent from a recognized university or educational institution in Kuwait or previous parliamentary experience.

■ Certificate from a psychiatric hospital under the Ministry of Health stating that he is free from mental illness and all types of addiction.

■ Should not have been convicted of betrayal of trust unless he is rehabilitated.

■ Should not have been convicted of felony or misdemeanor related to freedom or liberty.

■ Should neither be a minister, judge and prosecutor; nor member of the Armed Forces, Police or National Guard unless they resign from these posts.

■ Should submit a receipt for payment of KD500 non-refundable insurance for any reason which will be used for charitable works as per the decision of the Social Affairs and Labor minister.

■ Must not file his candidacy by proxy.

■ The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) shall continue modifying electoral statements until two weeks before Election Day. In another development, the Human Rights Committee on Sunday will discuss a request to transform it into a permanent committee, ways to activate the role of the National Human Rights Commission, and decisions taken in view of visits to correctional institutions at the Central Prison.

On the other hand, the Budgets and Final Accounts Committee intends to discuss Sunday the final account of the Ministry of Education for fiscal 2015/2016; as well as comments of the State Audit Bureau and Financial Controllers Agency in this regard. Representatives of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, State Audit Bureau, Financial Controllers Agency and Civil Service Commission will attend the meeting. Furthermore, the Finance Committee on Sunday will tackle the government’s proposal to take KD600 million from the general financial reserves to support Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) with Minister of Social Affairs and Labour and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Subaih in attendance.



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