MPW Revealed That About 200 Of Its Employees Fall Under Compulsory Retirement Category
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Results of a study conducted by the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department at the Ministry of Public Works revealed that about 200 of its employees have been in service for 30 years or more and they fulfill the conditions for compulsory retirement.

Sources quoted Minister of Public Works Abdulrahman Al- Mutawa’a as saying these employees fall under three categories those with 35 years of service will be referred for retirement first, followed by those who completed 32 years and then those who completed 30 years.

Sources said the department is carrying out a study as per the request of the minister to define the projects of each department, cost of each project and number of employees working in each project. Sources explained the aim of the study is to redistribute the projects in a way that ensures equality of all departments.

Sources added the ministry intends to make constructive changes including the abolition of some departments and establishment of new ones. They revealed there will be administrative changes pointing out that one department has half of the number of the entire ministry workforce (6,000 out of 12,000) while other departments have only 200 or 300 employees. They confirmed that after being approved by Al-Mutawa’a, the new organizational structure will be referred to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for approval.



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