Mystery Solved As Missing Syrian Man Found Buried In Desert
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Securitymen have unraveled the mystery of a young Syrian who was reported missing about two weeks ago, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to security sources, two friends – a bedoun and a Saudi – have been detained for interrogation and charged with the murder of the Syrian. The victim reportedly died from an overdose of drugs.

Police say the Saudi and the bedoun were consuming drugs with the victim. The daily quoting security sources said, the arrests came when securitymen identified a young woman, who was the last person to call him on his cell phone.

During interrogation the woman said she was in love with the Syrian, but said she did not know where he lived. Police then managed to track the incoming and outgoing calls and identified the two suspects. After the Saudi was arrested he admitted to burying the Syrian with the help of the bedoun after he died from an overdose of drugs to avoid legal accountability.

Police discovered the bedoun had already left the country but he was arrested by the Bahrain Interpol and handed over to the Kuwaiti authorities. During interrogation the bedoun admitted to burying the victim in a desert off the Seventh Ring Road and guided police to the burial place.

The corpse has been referred to Forensic. Meanwhile, the Saudi and the bedoun are charged with murdering the Syrian and a Kuwaiti has been arrested for helping the bedoun to leave the country illegally.



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