No Release Before 3 Yrs – Hired From Abroad
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I would like to inquire Kuwait Labour Law about employees’ right to resignation. I have been working in a private company since March 1, 2017 and was hired from the Philippines.

I will be 2 years on March 1, 2019 this year, and I am planning to resign and to be released to have a better opportunity from an other company. Some are saying that I should be at least 3 years before they release me. Some others are saying that if I am a degree holder (4-year course diploma), I can resign and be released anytime as per Kuwait Labour Law.

I am a 4-year course graduate (Diploma/Degree Holder), and looking forward that I am with the law when I resign.

Name withheld 
 Under Kuwait Labour Law, if a sponsor hires you from you home country, you are duty-bound to work three years for the sponsor before you can qualify and ask for a release. The three-year duration is non-negotiable irrespective of whether you are a university graduate or not. The only other option is when the sponsor decides on his own accord to release you before the expiry of the three-year mandatory period.



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