Billions Of Charity Cash Stolen
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As head of a civil and unique charity, I agree completely with the distinguished MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel and the conscientious objectors to the proposed charity law. Many of the proposed articles have been tailored to satisfy some suspicious entities. For example, some articles in this law are not found even in Kuwaiti law or in the laws of developed countries and societies.

The project grants charity activity a strange immunity in a sense it is not permissible to criticize the work or rather those who are responsible for charity work. The penalty is referral to the judiciary. Although this immunity may satisfy my pride and fortify my actions, since I am involved in philanthropy work, I dislike it and demand the opposite.

The mere fact that I have the power to collect money from others and the right to dispose of it off automatically makes me questionable in my conduct. The concerned parties should monitor my actions and deeds and my method of spending the collected money for the preservation of it and the reputation of charity as a whole against misuse and for fear that these funds may be directed to illegal activities such as financing terrorism or money laundering of in drug trade. How can this be done after protecting all my actions from accountability?

Based on my 50-year pursuit of philanthropy, and my practical and banking experiences I can say that the total amount of “charity” collected over the last 30 years has exceeded $50 billion, much of it went into the pockets of some who collected it or for other purposes.

Despite the decline in charity work, it is enough to know that between 2012 and 2016 the money collected was $3 billion; $2.3 billion was by 5 associations only and this is based on official statements issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs. You can imagine how much money may have been collected over 50 years.

I do think that work in this area should not be for any returns or payment or giving employees full salary in the event that one wishes to move from government work to a charity, this will open the door for the corrupt and corruption.

It is strange that this is contained in the draft of the new law which also give freedom for charitable organizations to deduct what they see as the ratio of the money they have collected for themselves, knowing that in our Human Friendship Society we ‘deprive’ ourselves in the Board of Directors and all our employees to have any proportion of the collected money.

How can a law legalize taking commission from charity work? If this article is approved, it will transform this charity work into trade, and will encourage every dishonest man to enter this most profitable field even more than dealing in drugs.

We also strongly oppose giving charities the right to set up schools and colleges and universities and other educational institutions and supervise them. This is a crime against education, especially with the immunity that might be given by the law to charity workers. If this happens, it will make education a scandal and a source of ridicule.

The law also includes other serious matters that should not be ignored or passed such as the right to establish and manage projects. Charity work is currently well monitored and strict, and the adoption of this law will make it a tool in the hands of the corrupt. People with conscience and the honorable deputies must stand against this law. Passing it is a crime against real charity and before the homeland.

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