‘New-Kuwait 2035 Vision’ – (P-3)
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Solving the education crisis in this country is easy, but it has been made difficult due to its politicization, and with due respect for the foreign political obligation of the country.

However, the question that begs to be asked is – Is it rational to have just one public university, against which many observations have been raised even though it is lesser in standard compared to others?

To any observer, the reasons behind the delay in opening the Shadadiya University and the fate of the huge buildings which are currently occupied by the university in Khaldiya, Kaifan and Shuwaikh campuses are unknown.

Dissemination of rumors and speculations continue but we cannot blame people for it, as preparations to transfer to the new location of the university are underway. At the same time, renovations are ongoing in the old location such as construction of a multi-storied parking building in the colleges of Arts and Education.

This kind of issue raises questions and speculations amid the government’s deafening silence concerning the university’s current location. We fail to understand the reason behind this provoking silence. What is the wisdom behind it?

Education in all stages needs a state plan and not just a government plan. The style we are accustomed to for learning our curricula is memorization and cue. We have a huge number of foreign teachers who have made education in this country worst by introducing bad experiences such as private tuitions.
In a nutshell, the education system needs an overhaul, comprehensive review and general assessment. This should be done by the children of this country and not foreign bodies that are naturally oblivious of the dynamics of our society.

Another issue is the salary. Is it rational to have different salary scales? For example, two teachers of almost equal qualifications employed by the government both receive salaries from the same Ministry of Finance. However, the difference between their salaries is almost KD 1,000 besides the benefits. What could be the reason for that?

Regarding the private sector, this sector is more repelling than attracting due to the way it is handled by the Public Authority for Manpower, its bureaucracy and the many documents that an employee must provide, especially regarding the continuous data updates.

This sector mostly focuses on inspection than supporting the employees, let alone the norm of contradictions experienced in industrial authorities in terms of distribution of vocational and industrial plots. We hear about how “wasta” and “scratch my back, I scratch yours” policy are the norm, which deprives those who deserve their rights such that they can get these rights only through “connections”.

For a mega project like “New-Kuwait 2035” vision to kick start, it is imperative to engage in cleaning up the mismanagement, implementing proper regulations to treat everyone fairly, and setting the ball rolling towards achievements by employing qualified and creative workforce to stir us towards the future instead of putting our future at the mercy of “wastas”.

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