New-Kuwait Vision 2035 - Optimism (Part 2)
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Due to its massive plan, many believe it to be a fragment of imagination or a cold night’s dream under a warm blanket. Based on an objective analysis of the conditions, this dream seems close to reality while its plan seems close to imagination.

I could be a pessimist due to the actual assessment of the current public management of this country. There is political, administrative and managerial corruption which syphon off the plan optimism and hope. Even though the solution is very simple, it needs statesmanship to take firm decisions and implement it. Once that happens, we will sit down, discuss and debate about the visions 35, 40 and even 100.

The management system of the government is too frail to run such a plan, while the private sector takes but does not give back enough as expected. In addition, the Bedoun issue and other important issues such as “parachute” appointments and lack of meritocracy principles are being dragged without any solution in a bid to fuel partisan and social agendas.

The “parachute” appointments have deprived the rights of competent people to serve their country. When any official goes through the personnel file arbitrarily, he or she will be baffled by the many cases, which would not have reached the extent they are in now if the concepts of fairness and equal opportunity were followed.

When it comes to the health sector of the country, this vital entity is suffering a lot from “wasta” in its veins. For instance, a private ward in a hospital can only be acquired through “connections” despite being the right of a patient. Also, the issue of medicines which lack proper control and oversight.

There are loopholes in the overseas treatment program, which is maligned by corruption to the extent that those benefitting from such programs are those who do not deserve them at all. However, we cannot blame the patient who would hold onto anything in order to get proper medical care. The one to be blamed is the one who trades with the fate of the patients.

The money spent on the overseas treatment program is enough to buy an entire hospital overseas or build one in the country for the benefit of everyone. This will definitely close one of the doors of corruption and rotten bureaucracy, which would not have existed if not for “wasta”.

Amazingly, you find appreciation and gratitude placards being addressed to some MPs or personalities for facilitating overseas treatment trips when in reality, that individual did not pay even a single cent. In fact, the government does not have anyone to express appreciation and gratitude for making it happen.

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