To Wake Up Late From Awakening Is Better Than Not Waking Up At All
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I have seen a video clip circulated on social media,  which entails an interview with one of the most prominent leaders of the Islamic Awakening that has thrived over the last 25 years. His name is Ayed Al-Qarni. The prominent leader adopted extremist viewpoints and prevented people from obtaining their basic needs under the pretext that they’re prohibited, while in actual fact, they’re not.

God Almighty does not compel mankind to believe in the religions He revealed to his prophets. God said in the Holy Qur’an Sura Al-Kahf Verse 29 “Whoever wills, let him believe; and whoever wills, let him disbelieve” and He said, “Let be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error”.

We have seen the extremists do their worst to push people away from Islam due to orders they have received from their leaders outside the Holy Qur’an, as they seek to restrict life with opinions that have nothing to do with Islam.

The youthful interviewer asked the leader, “Why do you regret so late in 2019 and not earlier. Is it because of the change in the authorities’ attitude of silence adopted over the years concerning the positions you took during your period of activity within the Awakening”. The former extremist leader answered, “We have wronged society by our Islamic Awakening. Personally, I am a human being and not a prophet. Only the prophets, above them Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah Be Upon Him), make no errors. I apologize to society for my mistakes that have contradicted the Qur’an and Sunnah, and contradicted the tolerance of Islam, a moderate religion”. 

“I am today supportive of the moderate Islam, and open to the world”. Islam is the moderate religion for mankind, as God Almighty has said, “We did not send you, O Muhammad, except as a mercy that is to give to the worlds. Henceforth, I will go ahead with my Islamic duty, shifting from strictness to facilitation, from repulsiveness to glad tidings and from inertia to renewal due to the fact that Islam is the religion of peace and mercy”, he ended his words here.

We thank our former leader and brother for regretting his past and going back to do the right thing. We wish his colleagues in Kuwait will step into his shoes, because coming back to the right track is a virtue. However, we do not expect this to happen, because our Awakening (Sahwa) movement is backed by our wise government. The latter has assigned them to run many sensitive official institutions and appointed them in senior positions in educational, religious and charitable foundations where they are making lots of money from public funds, and filling the institutions with their disciples to carry on the cause.

We congratulate the Saudi society for the repentance of one of the most outstanding figures of the Sahwa even if the repentance is late. We’ll consider this piece of news a good tiding for Kuwait after our government wakes up from its sleep. By way of talking about the slumber of our government, I would like to say it is quite selective. I mean the relevant authorities are practically absent, while traffic violations are committed 24/7, in addition to environmental, moral and legal violations. To support my claim, more than 1,800 traffic and environmental violations have been recorded over the past four days since the inauguration of Jaber Causeway. The violations have been caught on the surveillance cameras and not by securitymen who are engaged with their smart phones inside the patrol cars most of the time.

All of a sudden, the government woke up and decided to assign security teams to arrest whoever eats or drinks in public throughout Ramadan, and take necessary legal action against them. Those teams interfere in the personal affairs of people. The teams and those assigning them know well that fasting is a heavenly duty stipulated by God Almighty for Muslims. There is no compulsion for non-Muslims or the sick or traveling Muslims.

Furthermore, Muslims who decide not to fast are responsible only before Allah since worship is a man-Creator relationship, and so the government is not assigned to punish those who do not abide by the rites. The punishment will be executed by Allah on the Day of Judgment. We call on those security teams to rather record the traffic violations committed every minute that expose thousands of lives to danger. I think this will be better than arresting a Muslim or non-Muslim drinking water or smoking or chewing gum during Ramadan.

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