PAM Issued 185,950 New Work Permits, And Canceled 145,211 Work Permits Last Year
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Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) issued 185,950 new work permits, and canceled 145,211 work permits last year. Also, the labor force in the country increased by 40,000 new employees in the private sector.

In this context, the Deputy Director of PAM Abdullah Al-Mutawah explained in a press conference yesterday that the total fees collected for the services provided by PAM last year reached KD 17 million and 117 thousand.

Out of this amount, KD 13 million and 421 thousand was generated from transfer fees, KD 2 million and 725 thousand from work permits issued, and KD 970 thousand and 500 dinars from addition permits when issuing the work permit to the lists of distinguished

The number of transactions submitted through the “As Ahal” service was 1.3 million. The authority completed 1,001,955 requests for work permit renewal, and 245 thousand transfer requests within the private sector.

The total number of files of companies registered with all labor departments reached 144,361, distributed among eight departments. The total national manpower registered with the labor administration amounted to 55,273 citizens, in government contracts 12,216 citizens, and in the services of business owners 4,070 citizens with a total of 71,559 citizens. The total national and expatriate workers in all departments reached 1,730,181.

Meanwhile, the administrative sector of Ministry of Education is preparing a list of 109 employees who have served the ministry for more than 34 years and are expected to be referred to retirement next May, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a letter addressed to the Public Institution for Social Security, the Ministry has requested a study on the pension entitlement for those who have reached 34 years of service, while the Director of the Automated Systems and Specialized Applications Department Sanaa Al-Shuhaibi has confirmed the eligibility of the aforementioned pension.



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