Please Take Our Children To Gulf ,last Words Of Nurse Who Died Of Nipha Virus In Kerala
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Lini Puthussery, one of the three nurses who had fallen sick after tending to the patients diagnosed with the Nipah virus in Kerala, passed away on Monday, 21 May.

Puthussery, who worked at the EMS Memorial Cooperative Hospital at Perambra, had reportedly fallen sick a few days ago, as she was treating two brothers who were the first victims of the virus that broke out in Kozhikode.

Although a report on her blood and fluid samples is yet to be released, it is suspected that her death was a result of her having contracted the Nipah virus, and as a precautionary measure, her body was hastily cremated at an electronic crematorium so as to prevent the disease from spreading further, reported The News Minute.

Puthussery went to work on Wednesday, 16 May, even though she was running a fever, because the hospital was short-staffed. Her husband, Sajeesh, told News18 that even though he had flown down from Bahrain to see her, where he is currently working, he did not get to see her alive.

He added that Puthussery left him a letter. In the note, she wrote:

Sajeeshetta, am almost on the way. I don’t think I will be able to see you again. Sorry. Please take care of our children. Poor Kunju (term of endearment for their son), please take him to the Gulf with you. Don’t leave them and go like (my) father did. Please. With lots of love… Kisses. 
Speaking about the letter, Sajeesh said his wife must have known that her end was near. “I don’t know how I will take care of our children now,” he told News18.

Puthussery is survived by two sons – 5-year-old Rithul and 2-year-old Sidharth.





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