Plots For Those Affected By GCC Railway Project
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As per the law on establishing the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR), those granted Wafra agricultural plots that will be removed due to the GCC railway project are not entitled to compensation but they will be prioritized in the distribution of new agricultural plots, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Sources pointed out that decision number 1/2010 regulates the relationship between PAAAFR and those granted agricultural plots, citing Article Four which states “decisions issued by PAAAFR are binding on the recipients of such lots and the PAAAFR has full authority to modify, cancel or withdraw decisions in the interest of the public.”

Article Six stipulates that the remaining parts of the affected plots will eventually be in the possession of PAAAFR and the owner of such a plot has no right to demand for compensation for the deducted part as the allocation of agricultural plots does not mean transferring ownership from PAAAFR to the beneficiary.

The latter has the right only to use the plot allocated for him but he does not possess it and the allocation may be cancelled any time for the benefit of the public. Sources clarified the Cabinet has the right to exempt those with damaged acquisitions and allocate compensation for them.



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