Sabah Al-Ahmad Residents Fear Another Flood
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Residents of Sabah Al-Ahmad City are yet to recover from the shock they suffered due to the torrential rains witnessed in the country last week. But they now find themselves putting their hands on their hearts out of fear due to the weather forecast issued by the expert Kuwaiti astronomer Essa Ramadan who declared that heavy downpours can be expected in Kuwait in the next few days, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to Turki Al-Osaimi, the last rainstorm exposed the low quality of infrastructural work in Sabah Al-Ahmad City and the negligence of government agencies in terms of supervision. This happened despite prior warnings from ministers and lawmakers, but they did not heed to them until the deed was done.

He said, “The problem is that water is overflowing from the drainage systems and flooding the roads and roundabouts. In addition, there is lack of insulation for the infrastructural services due to effeteness of the contractors and bad supervision”.

Meanwhile, a member of the city’s residents volunteering committee Mubarak Al-Muzeini demanded phasing out of ‘swamps’ in the drainage systems with pipes that are ten kilometers long away from the city. He said the pipe should be directed towards the station in order to avoid future spillovers similar to those seen during the wave of rainstorm, as well as foul odor and insects. Al-Muzeini stressed, “We had discussed this issue with the Minister of Public Works when he visited us in February”.



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