Security Raid In Ardiya Industrial Area More Than 545 Arrested
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Security raid in Ardhiya Industrial Area 545 arrested
An intensive security check in Ardhiya Industrial area resulted in the arrest of 545 expats for various violations.
According to Ministry of Interior (MoI), 545 expatriates arrested because their papers were not in compliance with the residency law.
The security forces, during a joint campaign with the Municipality in the Industrial Ardhiya, also seized 66 vehicles and imposed 25 fines, the MoI said in a statement.
The campaign aimed at making sure the expatriates' documents were legal. The MoI did not specify the nationalities of the arrested people. Up to 502 policemen took part in the campaign, during which the forces stormed places suspected of housing expatriates with illegal documents.

"The security campaigns are preventive security measures during which the law is enforced on the ground," said the MoI, with the aimed of clearing the suspected areas from people with illegal documents.

545 Law Violators arrested
1.  6 criminals
2. 13  wanted in civil cases
3. 159 residency violators
4. 26 Absconders
5. 103 withut proof
6. 3 wanted in robbery cases
7. 159 wanted in labor laws
General Directorate of Security and media relations  added that the security sweeps are imposed as a preventive security and the practical application field of the law in order to clear areas of corruption and criminality and violators of laws.
It said the security sweeps will continue depending on the reality of field operations and in close cooperation with all bodies and institutions of the state in the future after studying the results of campaigns and raids
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