Study Underway For Merger Of Oil Firms - KNPC CEO
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The CEO of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) Waleed Khaled Al- Bader disclosed that study of the merger of oil companies is underway at the state level amid research by the leadership of oil sector, stressing the issue of merger does not only relate to KNPC and its decision is not unilateral but the issue is being deliberated, reports Al-Rai daily.

In response to inquiries about merging the oil companies, Al- Bader expressed regret for the misinterpretation of his statement during an open internal meeting with employees of the company, adding that such misinterpretation causes misunderstanding and confusion, and contradicts the company’s keenness to present issues objectively or express thoughts and directions in transparency.

Al-Bader pointed out that several issues of concern related to the company, its businesses and projects were raised to the employees, and from that the issue of merging the companies was dealt with according to the scope and nature of the business. “I met a large group of the company’s employees of job grade 17 and below, in the framework of open meetings, which I am keen to continue with and I am glad for what it represents, enabling me to listen to the suggestions and observations of our employees to get to know their visions and ideas closely, while discussing their aspirations and concerns directly, without barriers”, he noted.

“This meeting is one of many meetings I always encourage holding, and I participate in it with interest, including the meetings organized by the various sectors of the company, the cup of coffee initiative, field trips to the company’s sites and sending direct messages whenever necessary to talk about different issues that concern our company and employees”, he explained. Al-Bader continued, “There is no doubt that the space provided by these meetings allows everyone to express their opinions freely, and in turn, we receive these opinions with great openness, and we interact with them with care, keeping in mind our employees’ interests and what serves our primary goal of achieving the best in the interest of the company, which is certainly in the interest of our country and society.



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