Suspend Hiring of Expats in Government Sector on Contractual Basis
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The Civil Service Board, led by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and acting Minister of Oil Anas Al-Saleh, has suspended the employment of foreigners in the government on contractual basis regardless of their nationality, reports Al- Rai daily.

This seems to be an affirmation of an article published exclusively by the daily on May 19, 2016 entitled, “Foreigners will never be employed in the government.” The board also decided that in case a certain expertise is needed, the concept of ‘outsourcing’ will be implemented which does not stipulate financial privileges for the foreigners such as end-of-service payment, apart from the monthly salary.

The decision will be circulated to all government bodies on the condition that the outsourcing letter is endorsed by the minister in charge of the ministry which wants to seek assistance from foreigners.

It states that all previous letters of this kind from the undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries should be cancelled, while the letter from the minister must be referred to the Civil Service Board, the Civil Service Commission as it is currently done.

This decision is considered an implementation of a recommendation presented by the special committee formed by the Cabinet to rectify the population structure of the country.

The committee’s main objectives include generating employment opportunities in the government sector for citizens and reducing the number of foreigners working in the public sector especially in the administration affairs departments, secretariats and other supporting positions.


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