Telecommunication Companies To Face Many Future Challenges
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The telecommunications companies are facing a number of future challenges that will result either in the disappearance of these companies or push them to take new coercive measures, the most important of which is the “merger” between companies, although companies have not taken the proactive steps proposed by experts to address the risks posed by the rapid transformations witnessed by the world in this sector, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The most notable is the frantic race in information and communication technology (ICT) globally. Two of the most prominent experts on global developments in telecommunications, told the daily there is the need for local companies, whether mobile phone or Internet, to accelerate investment in the fifth generation broadband 5G networks which will bring positive results for the company and the state.

The sources stressed on the need to work seriously to reduce the expenditure and focus on value-added services, away from the providing offers for Internet and mobile, and should consider carefully the implementation of plans to merge between companies in the next phase.

According to a Deloitte report, every 20 percent increase in ICT investments leads to a 1 percent growth in the country’s GDP. The recent changes in the telecom sector have led to a decline in revenues, especially virtual networks, which Deloitte expects will be a new revolution whose effects will remain tangible until 2020, as well as the fiber optic cables, which are the fastest data transfer rates with any other means, as data is transmitted through light waves, up to 20 GB per second for some types of cables.



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