The Employment Scenario in Kuwait- How’s It Been Of Late?
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Located at the Northern edge of Eastern Asia, there stands a country opening its doors to people from all around the world. A haven made to present the blend of cultures all across the globe, there’s no denying the fact that the State of Kuwait has all that it takes to entice an individual today.

This paints a sketch about the eighteenth century Kuwait, prospering with its numerous trade ports and a country whose economy was in shambles during the second World War. Well, you might be completely mistaken if giving any air to that perception, even today!

Kuwait has not only come up as a nation providing immense employment opportunities to the talented, but a country offering a perfect blend of Eastern and Western Cultures on a broad spectrum as well.

Building on the same line of thought, the section below will talk about the job sector in the country at present. Idiosyncrasies prevalent of late, will also be thrown some light on.

SMEs Pumping The Employment Numbers

The unemployed youth in the Arab world has given way to the promotion of a huge number of small and medium enterprises. It might come as some news, but Kuwait was amongst the first few countries in the region to promote such enterprises and be aware about the necessities of SMEs.

Plus, according to a reputable source, Kuwait has been shedding out a major chunk out of its national funds to support and develop these enterprises. It expects to be working towards beefing up the international trade and private sector employment ratios for an efficient national economy. This will also draw the required expertise from the World Bank in SME promotion and growth in Kuwait.

The Business Etiquettes Prevalent Amongst Kuwaiti Employers

  • The Language Prowess Required:  To your relief, with the professional arena transforming all across the region, Kuwait is one of the first countries in Gulf to not impose any norms related to Arabic alone being used for business. While, Kuwaiti hiring managers are not that sound and proficient with English, common words are quite prevalent.

The imperative thing to consider over here is the fact that learning basic Arabic will always serve in your favor, as an expat.

The official and written language in the State of Kuwait is the modern standard Arabic, however, you might just observe most of your local colleagues conversing in any local dialect. Again, it can be really helpful for you to consider speaking the standard Arabic than the dialect. Obviously, you’ll sound formal, but will be clearly understood everywhere nevertheless!

  • The Social Conventions Over The Surface: Although the corporations in the country have been preaching an open and free lifestyle of late, Islam has ever since been playing an important role in every day professional life.

For instance, professionals here are quite specific about the prayer timings and can also disrupt an official meeting for the same. Plus, the country is quite specific regarding meal hours too. It might just happen that you are invited for a casual dinner by a company professional to discuss your pay package at 8 pm and dinner isn’t served till 10 or 11 maybe, for that matter of fact.

  • Work Etiquettes in General: Kuwaitis are quite homely when it comes to having a meet-up, hence take certain amount of time to build relationships. One significant thing to consider is that you should never rush into business matters.

Your potential employer might just take some time to build a trustworthy relationship before considering you for the role. Being respectful and patient are the foremost things they’ve been seeking in candidates presently. So, with the right approach in head, move calmly towards the targeted job role. You’ll definitely make the right fit.

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